Photo Albums

After you get your photos back from us the first thing we need you to do is go thru your pictures and make a list of about 100 images that you would like to see in the album.  Every picture you choose may not make it in the album, unless you specifically want every one of your choosing to be used in it either by making the images smaller or by adding pages to the standard book, otherwise Rachel uses the pictures as she feels while she is laying it out.  It speaks to her like a work of art! :-)

Also provide to us, if you want, any special quotes or sayings to use in it. Or if you have any other design, pattern, or themes you like let us know.

Then you need to choose what album you want.  She will need to know what size you choose before she can start working on it.
Vision Art Fine Art Books - This is a link to their public website to see samples and get an idea of what you would like for sizing, cover options and coloring.  

If you signed on with the "Book at Booking" agreement you get 20% off the total and you already have $250 down to go towards the album ... so go big with what you choose!

Duplicate Albums, or Parents Albums, can be had for half the price of the full album cost if ordered at the same time as your main album.
Also as an option the parents albums can be smaller sized for even less money, but they need to be in the same aspect ratio as your main album.  So if you get the 9x12 Vertical they can get the duplicates in the 6x8 Vertical or similar, same as if you get a 12x12 Square they can get an 8x8 at a greatly reduced rate.

Vision Art Albums ... View the Info and Pricing Sheet Here

*** Not all options and pricings may be indicated on this sheet or on this page ... If you see something you like and are unsure of its options and price please ask. ***

The Vision Art books are really high quality and have a long lasting build.  They are museum quality books and they use 100 year inks.
They have only one page finish they offer, because it is the best and what helps protect the images.  It is like a heat treated Luster coating and does not have any effect on the color of the print.  So no glossy or dull looking pages, and they resist fingerprints.  The coating and pages themselves are very durable.  We have a sample here that we have used since 2009 that has been to all the wedding shows, thumbed thru thousands of times and literally abused by the kids that visit the studio ... all that and it still looks new.  We are impressed and is the main reason we now only really offer Vision Art books.

Vision Art books standard outside cover is the full photo image on the cover, wrap around to the back cover.  For additional costs you can get a full Leather cover, or a half Leather/half Photo cover or various Book linen options.  Options to that leather/linen can include different name/lettering embossing into the cover and different quality/texture/style/colors of leather/linen you can choose from, with price additions for different colors or different style of leather (cafe, exotic, rustic...).  

They come standard in a black fiberboard box.  Upgraded storage options are available including a fabric pouch (Designer Clutch) or a artistic Display Box.

Explainations to options found on the pricing sheet...

  • Cover - By default the album comes with the full photo wrap cover, any leather comes at those additional prices ... Full leather adds $263, the 3/4 cover is $228 is leather backed and wraps around the binding side and has the majority of the cover as the photo.
  • The Photo Strip is like a 1/3 sized photo printed sleeve that wraps around the cover and I believe fixed in place.  Mainly used on albums with full leather covers.
  • Spreads - standard Rachel designs it to 15 Spreads (30 pages).  Spreads may be added, with your approval, in order to work in all the selected photos to your liking.  Not all pics will make the design so more spreads may be needed if you want to add in more that didn't make the initial cut.
  • Page Finish - standard is more of a Matte looking photo finish, that can be upgraded at $18 per spread ($270 for the 15 spread book) to the Photo Finish which is a heated Luster coating to look like a lab print.
  • Designer Clutch - is a soft fabric case with a pattern design to hold and protect your album.
  • Display Box - Is a fancy hard cover box for $350 that resembles an album itself that holds your album within. Standard the album comes in a simple but nice looking black fiberboard box.
  • Samples of the Display Box and Designer Clutch can be see on their site Here.

Differences between The Original and The Photo Art books are that the Photo Art uses pages that are twice as think, uses a slightly different binding technique and uses a Photo Finish instead of the Luster coating.

The Original book in the Panovista layout is what we like, it is one of the more expensive ones but it is the most popular one for us with our couples.  Very much worth it too.

Here is a link to the Vision Art Forums open to public viewing to see samples of the albums, get info and all the different varieties of options available.