Video Transfers - Memorials

Video Tape Transfers to DVD

Human Memory fades with time. So does VHS tape! Now you can preserve life's wonderful moments (even the embarrassing ones) on DVD disc and relive them over again. Have us transfer your precious home video tapes and put them on DVD.

Virtually everyone has tapes that they cherish, but the tapes are collecting dust somewhere and slowly deteriorating. Many tapes from the 80's and 90's are already in danger!

Give us your videos in VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV or 8mm (8mm, Hi8 or Digital8).

Tape Transfers are now done at only $10.00 per tape!

If you give me a whole lot of them to do at once and I find that there is next to nothing on a tape I will throw that in with the rest.
Those transfers are a straight copy, what is on the tape goes onto the DVD.
If you want the footage edited or segments removed then that will be at an additional fee as that is a litte more involving.

I can get up to 3 hours onto a DVD and will combine as many tapes onto one Disc as I can.  Depending on the need and the quality of the footage I can even push it to 4 or 6 hours, but that comes at the risk of introducing compression artifacts.
I just ask that if you can to put them in the order you want them transferred so that things go chronologically or certain ones go together.

Additional copies of the DVDs can be had for $5.00 per Disc.
I do recommend getting a second set of DVDs of the transfer mainly for backup purposes, should something happen to make a disc unplayable you would then have a backup disc to return to me to easily duplicate, if not I would have to retransfer all the tapes that were on that disc.

I can also transfer Audio Cassette tapes to CD or .mp3 files.

Contact Us to let me know what you have and to coordinate a time to get things to me.
We are located in Kasson. Pick up and delivery is available as well.

Reel to Reel Film Transfers

Do you have old reels of film that you have not watched in ages because you no longer have the projector to do so? We now offer the service to have those reels of film transferred to DVD for you!

8mm, Super 8, 16mm - Silent or with Sound.

Your precious family films are transferred by the only proper way of doing so and assuring the highest quality transfer via the safest means. The film is managed with care as it is cleaned and stabilized and then ran thru a COOL lamp machine. Each and every frame of the film is individually scanned for the highest quality image.

Price is Per Foot and it varies depending on the quantity of film being submitted at once, and if it has a audio track in the film or not (the majority of the films do not).

Download the Reel Size Chart for assistance in determining the amount of footage you have. The small 3 Inch reels are 50ft; most all other larger reels have a indicator scale ont he side to estimate as well.

Average price is 15¢-20¢ per foot of silent film.

Additional fees for film with sound and for really dirty film that may require a special safe chemical cleaning process.

Contact Us with what you have and I will give you a better price quote..


Photo Montage Videos

Have us take your assembeled and sequenced photographs, slides and digital images and build a video slideshow with them. I have two styles for making these: Scrapbook Style and Montage Style.

Scrapbook Style videos are presented on a DVD as a slideshow that will show a static image, no motion to the image. These slideshows are set up to automatically move to the next image after a set number of seconds with a dissolve transition. These can be with or without music.
Pricing varies on quantity - expect around 70¢ per image.

Montage Style videos are like the scrapbook videos but further enhanced for viewing. I build by hand chosen motion into each image that can zoom in or out, pan across or give emphasis to a portion of the image.
Pricing varies on quantity - expect around 95¢ per image.

Photo / Slide / Film Scanning

Do you have boxes or albums of old photographs tucked away? Carousels of old film slides with no projector for viewing? Much like the video tapes these photos and films are slowly deterioration and typically suffering from improper storage.

We can take your photos and slides and scan them into digital image files to preserve your memories! Images are provided on CD in .jpg file format.

A lot of work goes into scanning and restoring each image. Most photos can be restored to look new again. Cleaning, cropping, color correction all combine to bring new life back to your treasured photographs.

Pricing varies depending on how many photos you have for me to scan at once. Scanning projects range from 20¢ to 50¢ per image. Contact me for a quote.

Funerals Are All About Memories

Memorial Montage Video

What is a Memorial Montage Video? It is a special video focusing on the life of the deceased and is often shown at a funeral home or a place of worship prior to or during the service. It is created using photos and music and typically needs to be produced quickly, so please contact us early in the planning process to get everything in order.

Having a memorial video playing at a service is a tremendous reminder of the life of the deceased. Instead of focsuing on one's loss, the video is a celebration of their life. These memorial videos become a keepsake for family members and friends.

Each video is highly personalized and presented with movement in the photos and timing to the music. Each photo is processed in such a way that old photos become new and faded photos become vibrant.

Memorial Video Info

Most memorial videos are 5-8 minutes in lenght and consist of approximatly 50 photos over two songs. You can certainly include as many photos as you want, but 50 is the baseline. Songs can be chosen by you or you can leave it to me to use appropiate music that I like in these.
We even provide the scanned photo files on the DVD for your use or to simply save them in digital format.
The memorial video is delivered on a DVD and fully packaged with custom artwork in a case.

How much does it cost?
$125.00 for the base price: up to 50 photos and 2 songs.
$1.00 for each additional photo.
$12.50 for each additional packaged DVD Copy. 10 or more copies ordered at one time will be at $10.00 each.

Memorial Service Video


In addition to providing a photo montage memorial video for viewing we can also record the memorial service itself to capture the celebration and and what people have to say about your loved one. This is beneficial for someone who was unable to attend the service.

We use two cameras to record and place microphones to clearly capture audio for the service. The service video is delivered on a DVD and fully packaged with custom artwork in a case.

Video Recording of the Memorial Service - $400.00