Wedding Photography

On wedding days we do things differently when photographing the occasion. Our style captures the special moments that happen around your event. We do not just settle with photographing the formal poses, we go beyond that to capture the moments that show the emotion of the day.

We will provide you with high quality wedding photography in a personal and artistic style. We work hard to be unobtrussive during the day and want to help you to make for a stress free experience with us.

One thing I like to point out in how we differ from other photographers is that we are not time based on the day of your wedding, we have no hourly rates, or time min or max or overtime charges. We will be with you untill we get what we need to get and you do not have to worry about rushing to get things done because your time is up and the photographer has to go or it will cost you more. The packages that we have for you to choose from will determine the timeline for us for the day and what events we need to cover.

General Policies:

  • A $500 retainer and a signed contract secures your wedding date.
  • Full payment of the balance due on your package is due prior to the wedding date.
  • Travel Fees may be applied based on the location of the event factoring the round trip distance from Kasson, MN.

Sales tax will need to be added to any of the listed prices where the payment is made via check or credit card.


Wedding Packages

All wedding photo packages include:

  • Two Photographers
  • No hourly rates or time restrictions the day of the wedding
  • A disc of all the processed image files with Full Reprint Permission
  • Online Photo Gallery for viewing and sharing
  • An Engagement Photo Session can be added at half price for only $100

Pre-ceremony and formals with photojournalistic candids. Coverage ends when you leave the ceremony location.

Ceremony Package PLUS...Coverage continues thru the Travel (park, bar stops), Reception, Toasts and First Dances.

Gold Package PLUS...Full day coverage including the "Bridal Prep" (hair salon, preparations, dressing) and Extended Dance Coverage (dollar dance, bouquet/garter and a lot of dancing fun)

Platinum Package PLUS...The all day photo coverage including a large photo album. This includes our popular 30 page 20x8 Vision Art Panovista Album.

View the "Coverage Options" below for a custom package to cover your unique day. Anything is an option!


Wedding Videography

Most brides say that they didn't see, or can't remember, much of what happened on their wedding day. This is why they are thankful that they had an outside professional videographer capture the events of their day.

The primary feature of our wedding videography is the capture of the ceremony. We record the ceremony in full from processional to recessional with three cameras and audio recorders on everything making sound. It is all synced and edited together and placed as a feature on the DVD.

Our video capture style come about by request that people seem to prefer and that is something we call the Reduced Edit Video Coverage.

We edit the Ceremony in full as well as edit together a Highlights video, like the samples you can watch on Vimeo. The rest of the footage is left essentially in Raw form for you to watch.  We go thru and clean it up and make it look and flow good, then break it up into multiple smaller videos.  It gets grouped up into separate segments to play on the DVD ... like Pre-Ceremony, Post-Ceremony, Reception, Dance.  Also the Toasts are recorded in full for one of those segments.

With this style of delivery we record the same amount of footage as the previous full edit packages. Couples really like this because they get the main thing that they want - the Highlights Video for sharing with everyone, the Ceremony recorded in full, then all the extra footage of the day in actual audio that is fun to watch, especially if you have a lively group of friends and family.

Video Packages have the same coverage timeframes as the photography packages described above and are seperate packages from photography. Full Photo coverage with Full Video coverage will be two full packages.






FUSION is a new concept that combines Still Photography with Motion Videography wraps it all up into a High Definition cinematic highlight video giving you the best of what your wedding day has to offer, all for you to enjoy and easily share the day.

Our Fusion Package is unlike what anyone else is offering in our area! This package was created for people who want photography for their wedding but are not too sure on getting full videography coverage.  It essentially is the Gold Photo Package with highlight style video capture of all the fun and key events.  A video will be edited then with that footage mixed with the photos taken to tell a great story of your day!
On top of that highlight video you get all the Raw Footage we capture as well.

We record a lot of video thru the day with you including the key moments like when you first see each other, the vows, the kiss, toasts and first dance. We place a audio recorder on the groom to get a clear capture of the vows for you as well.

The Gold Photo Fusion Video Package is $2800
This is our most popular package!

Add Fusion Video coverage to the Platinum Package for only $600

Samples of the Fusion Videos can be viewed on our VIMEO page.


Booking Your Wedding Date

Please Contact Us to check on our current availability for your wedding date and for scheduling a time to come out and meet with us!

After reviewing everything, if you decide that you would like to book your wedding date with us, I would like to direct you to the Wedding Profile Form . 
If you could then fill that out as completely as possible and submit it to us we will get things going from there as far as securing that date for you and getting things all lined up.


Coverage Options

Do you have a unique day planned or have a different thing in mind outside of the package coverage ... we can give you Custom Quote taylored to your unique day and desires.
Fill out the Wedding Profile Form and request a custom quote.


Easy adjustments to the package coverage can be broken down this way with the Gold Photo Package as the base...

Bridal Prep - $300 Have us start earlier with you at the hair salon.

Extendend Dance - $300 Have us stay beyond the first dances to get the other specialty dances with the bouquet and garter toss.

Fusion Video added on to Platinum Photo - $600 You can add the Fusion Highlights Video coverage to a Platinum Photo Package

Ceremony Video added on to Fusion - $800 If you have a Photo/Fusion package and want to have your ceremony recored in full we can add that on as well. With that we will record your ceremony from processional to recessional with three video cameras and multiple audio recorders and edit that all together making it a special feature on your DVD video.

Photo Albums

It's not your parents' wedding album anymore (thankfully!). Digital photography and design has taken wedding albums to a new level. Wedding albums have become professional print publications instead of cookie cutter mattes with silde in prints. All albums are custom designed by Rachel and tailored to your specific needs. We can help you find the album that is right for you.

Click here to view the Album Info Page.

Photo Guest Books are also available to be made from your Engagement Photo Session.

Print Packages, Cards, Wall Mounts and more are also offered thru us. Info on all those can found on the Prints, Packs and Wraps Page.


Book at Booking Deal

If you want to commit to getting an Album at the same time as you book your wedding date with us we will give you 20% off the album price!  The album is subject to a separate contract and a $250 deposit.  Details on what album and its options do not need to be decided on right away - so whether you end up choosing a $500 album or a $1500 album just know that you will get 20% off of its final total price and that the deposit will be applied towards paying that down.

Additional Details

Sales Tax will need to be added to any of the listed prices where the payment is made via check or credit card.

Travel fees may be applied based on round trip distances from Kasson, MN.


Destination Weddings

Are you getting away from Minnesota for your wedding? Consider having us come along and have your unique day captured by a local photographer that you know and trust.


Please enjoy this short Highlights Video...